The social gathering was quite unfamiliar,
But even you, behaved like a stranger,
The goal I sought was in front of me,
But, ah, my sight was so blinded by tears!

I wanted happiness and true love,
But got just heartaches and a false vow,
My undoing sin is falling in love,
With a pretty woman... a heart hollow!

To see you being admired by ogling eyes,
And you being carried away by lies,
Is unbearable for my heart and mind,
A strain which can shame the night's sighs!

Your gaze is lost in false lights' glare,
The love you had is now nowhere,
You have chosen to be the party's life,
How can you and I then our life share?

Love is a flower, which grows not in flames,
Those who play with fire, must themselves blame,
Can my love save you from odious lust and praise,
When you choose to 'burn' like a 'star' of fame?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This ghazal was composed by me not so long ago. I 'rediscovered' it while flipping the pages of a collector's edition of "The Dolls House" -- a play written by Henrik Ibsen.

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