Muezzin* calls us --
The Muslims -- to worship God,
Most of us love sleep.

"Come to pray" he says,
We are urged to thank Allah,
Yet very few pay heed.

Ah, today's Muslims!
The world has made us ignore,
The Lord of all worlds!

This is the reason,
Which has made us subjugated,
And slaves and servants.

Of those who were ruled,
By us, once upon a time,
Pathetic indeed!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

MUEZZIN*: The man who invites Muslims the world via the "Call to Prayer" (Azaan in Arabic/Turkish/Persian, Urdu and Hindi) from mosques worldwide, to come and worship God Almighty (Allah in Arabic/Persian/Turkish/Urdu) --five times each and every day -- throughout the year, for more than 14 centuries.

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