Most men love to exploit women,
They belong to Lucifer's den,
Women are the daughters of Eve,
While Adam fathered them.

All women are not public property,
Just as all men are not buyers,
There are women who are Godly,
Models of virtue and chastity.

A woman is a mother, a sister,
Woman is also a good daughter,
Under the mother's feet is Eden,
God has bestowed her this honor.

Men who use their charms and wealth,
Power and status, with great stealth,
Or lie blatantly to woo them,
Are the most dangerous of creatures.

Such men are overloaded with lust,
Its satisfaction is their must,
Disguising carnal urges as love,
They stalk women like wild prowlers.

Lustful passions are not love,
And no woman is a commodity,
She is the better half of man,
As Christ is the son of Mary.

I know evil flows in human blood,
Be it a man or a woman,
It is evil that goads one to sin,
It is best to nip it in the bud.

Some sex maniacs rape women,
Some blame Eve for the first sin,
Some rich and haughty like to play,
With their feelings ...just to win.

Women gave birth to great men,
Some gave us God's messengers,
Some gave us saints and sages,
They are behind all great men.

It is men who exploit women,
And women who love exploitation,
Such are the world's worst omen,
These types of men and women.

A woman needs to be respected,
She needs love, care, gentleness,
Being the harbinger of generations,
Her dignity must not be violated.

All those who lash out at me,
Thinking I am a woman hater,
Are those who call lust love,
Like infamous Jack the Ripper.

Why are men dress designers?
Why do they strip her to sell,
All kinds of goods and wares,
Why do they like to see her bare?

No human should be a commodity,
Beauty shouldn't be public property,
Gentlemen know how to treat them,
But all men are not gentlemen!

Lucifer is mankind's open foe,
And he loves to lead us to Hell,
God has warned us about him,
And bad men and bad women.

Created from Adam's rib,
To be his proper companion,
Women are a marvel of nature,
God's most beautiful creation!

So to those who oppose me I tell them,
I do not like Satan's worshipers,
I am not just against sinning women,
I am the worst nightmare for bad men!.

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Nice work!

Nice work!

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