LUCIFER IS HAPPY (More on some women in veils and ultra modern fashion trends)

Most women in veils -- there are several of them,
Ah, how they lust for youths walking past them!
Of what use is a veil, when the eyes' purity is lost,
Without regard for God, these gaze at men.

"Lower thy gaze" is God's advice to us,
To men and women who step out of home,
The veil is worn to be modest and safe,
Not to peep at men on a street, in a bus.

Yet the age I live in thrives on falsehood,
All sacred values, virtues and wisdom,
The beauty of chastity abandoned for good,
Shamelessness is now defined as freedom.

Stripping and strutting in bikinis proudly,
Wearing see-through clothes is now the trend,
Low-necklines and panty-showing skirts,
Inviting lustful glances with devilish artistry.

The result is also right in front of eyes,
Rapes, incest and illegitimate ties,
Consensual sex along with orgies,
Lucifer happy... as his breed multiplies!

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Whilst it is true, there is

Whilst it is true, there is also self control, I am a firm believer of modesty, but lust and coveting will always happen, men are of nature, we strive to be more godly, supernatural if you will, by denying our nature. but I as Godly as I am in my religion I enjoy making love with one I love. And sex appeal has many manifestations. I think that the criticism here is harsh, but also has merit. that said, I think, that there is a double standard here, although, you have touched on lower eyes of both. Temptation is not only visual. Bad things have happened through all ages whether the women are covered or not. Ask, of yourself perhaps men, are you so week and unable to follow the path despite temptations in your path. Are you not strong enough to put God first? This is the true crux of the issue we as spiritual beings face. I enjoyed your poem, I too hope you are not offended by my views, and rather contemplate as I have the truth of the matter when reading your thought provoking poem :) kind regards SS

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