Though conceived in love,
I came into this big world,

Treachery and debauchEry,
Fill my book of destiny.

But God's will,
Prevails and decides,
I must live -- His decision.

I too dreamed,
Of love and loving,
But the dream is still a dream.

A good home,
Loving wife and children,
A happy family life...

Is my grand vision,
As I draw nearer to death.

Now I feel,
That my wish will be,
Just a poetic fantasy.

Why complain,
When I cannot change,
What is written as my fate?

I must live,
And complete my term,
Like Keats and Emily*.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*EMILY: Emily Bronte, the author of the novel "Wuthering Heights" and several poems.

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shazi's picture

Why so depressed

Your poem really made me sad my friend. It made me guilty that I havent spoken to you for the last few days. Lovely poem as always.