Soon it will be a moon full of grace,
People will watch it and admire,
Some will say: ah, the full moon!
Some will compare it with your face!

I 'll just smile, I 'll remain speechless,
While the folks will ask me about you,
How can I share with them your mystique?
Silence will be like gold to my quietness.

Your beauty and love have made me a loner,
No more do I find joy in gatherings,
The inquisitive curiosity of men and women,
Talking about you, add to my loneliness...

They also talk about a romantic poet,
Whose love for 'you' made him famous,
Ah, just to keep you safe and just mine,
And me yours forever...ah, love arduous!

So when the full moon will be resplendent,
And folks will once again be chatting on love,
Definining your loveliness, belittling the moon,
In my passion I will be consumed and spent.

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