Winter creeps,
As fall also crawls,
Grey's "Elegy" and memories!

How we poets can be,
Time can't really separate us.

Charlotte's sweet sister,
Is also my writer-friend.

And John Keats,
Along with Shelley,
Is with me spiritually.

While Wordsworth,
With his "Lucy Grey",
Loves to join our company.

Allan Poe,
Talks of "Annabel Lee",
As I sip my evening tea.

Khayyam too,
Makes himself revel,
With bread, wine and love quatrains.

Ghalib smiles,
As he too comes in,
This 'poetic gathering'...just for me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem composed as a poetic revelation as the slowly drifting fall-winter afternoon gave way to a sombre evening with me reading and reflecting on the lives and poems of the poets mentioned above. Ghalib is Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib -- the most acclaimed Urdu poet till today. He lived from 1797 to 1869 in Delhi, India.
Readers will have to use their imagination in a poetically spiritual way (Easy for most poets and poetesses) if they want to enjoy the poem.

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shazi's picture

The gathering

The poems title drew me into reading it. How beautifully you have conjoured up this gathering. I wish I could be a part of it