My lovelorn heart sings,
To itself,
No friend, no lover -- time cries!

Songs of yore,
Memories encore,
No one who can comprehend:
How I am,
Patiently battling,
All the odds challenging me.

Only God,
Is there for me but,
Even He is invisible!

Poets, poetesses,
So close to me,,,yet so far!

So many,
Out there... feel for me,
While all I need is one true love.

Like Adam
Even I feel that
Eve is a must for a man.

Sadness blooms,
As fall and winter,
Fan flames of my loneliness!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What was once a soliloquy has been modified and posted here.

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shazi's picture

Well well

Seems your hormones are getting the better of your poetry. Raging with no outlet. I pray that lonley true love is around the corner my freind.