A young, music diva says farewell,
To her temporary worldly abode here,
While her fans are unable to 'tell',
The grief that makes them shed tears.

Amy Winehouse, a singer, a bright star,
Bid her adieu after 27 years,
Gaining little through riches and fame,
And losing a lot to her perceived fears.

Depressed, forlorn and all on her own,
Winehouse could not come to terms,
With the harsh realities of this world,
And fed up, her soul left, without a groan.

Artists, musicians, scientists, thinkers,
Are gifted with a super-sensitive mind,
And some of them are not able to cope,
The grim heartlessness of what they find.

Talented souls with an imagination,
Give so much to this cold and sullen Earth,
Yet all that they get back is dejection,
Deception, ingratitude and hollow mirth.

Elvis, Jackson, Andy Gibbs, Amy,
Are just a few genuine ones out there,
Who came here to leave, weary, lonely,
With admirers, pining, everywhere.

Depression claims one when there is none,
To offer a caring shoulder or true love,
When hypocrisy, selfishness and betrayal,
Like to wreak havoc and enjoy the 'fun'.

Farewell Amy! May your soul find peace,
In the dimension where all of us must go,
I am aware of your shattered self that left,
And why your Maker decided to cease,
The breath which made your heart beat,
And made you see a lot more than what,
An ordinary mortal can even fathom,
You had to leave -- You embraced 'defeat'.

To live in this world -- a falsehood cage,
Is indeed hard for hypersensitive souls,
To survive here one needs more courage,
And tact too -- which can defy damage --
-- Caused by constant back-stabbing,
And treachery along with evil guile,
Amy, like Elvis, you didn't guard yourself,
And fell too soon to envious vile.
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on July 25, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Amy Winehouse was one of the few talented soul singers who delighted music lovers everywhere. The diva died at the age of 27 and left several mourning. In this poem I have tried to portray a scene of the depression which gripped her and caused her to say farewell to the world we live in. It is a tribute to Amy as well as a depiction of the age in which artists and any one with a gifted imagination and extraordinary skills cannot endure here for long.

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