There was a time
When harsh winds howled
And the night breeze sighed:
When deep within something grew
And withered
To grow again...
I used to stand in awe
Wondering and perplexed
Why some things
Never remained the same
Even sometimes...
Now nothing affects me
Neither joy or sorrow
For I have come to know
The futility of this world
And its self-worshipping people.
I mingle not too much
With those who know little
And think they know all...
Instead of them I visit the saints
The sufis and the mystics
The gypsies and all those
Who like me
Are fed up of this
"Sorry scheme of things..."
But for a wound
Caused by a flower
I bother not or feel for
Even fame or power...
I wait for the time
When my Almighty
Proves once again
That He is my beloved He.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Like I have mentioned before, a few days ago, I have been through a series of deceptions and backstabs, by those who I thought would never do it to me -- the pain, aches and sorrows, the grief, the restlessness and the angst they inflicted on me, for no fault of mine other than telling them to be good. However, I have left it to God Almighty now, for He is the best of judges.

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