Differences do matter,

Even if love is very much in abundance.

Differences of faith,

And of what we believe in and what we don't,

And differences in how we are

Tuned to the society in which we are.

Love is the greatest ideal,

No doubt about that at all,

But it can reverse into hate,

In a matter of moments,

If neither of the loving souls,

Is willing to condescend,

To the logic of what is right,

And what is clearly wrong.

Belief and faith must be based

On the foundations of reasoning

And balanced analysis of everything

Mentioned or heard by one and all.

Otherwise sentimental outlooks,

And over-emotional reactions,

During the most simple of disagreements,

Can lead to misunderstanding,

And suspicion mixed with innate doubt,

About the loving outlook of the other person.

Love is very important to all of us,

And more so to incurable romantics,

But the love of man should never be given precedence,

To the greater love one  has for God Almighty,

For He is the greatest and purest of all loves:

He is the truth and the beauty,

And there is nothing more truthful than love,

Nothing as beautiful as beauty true.

So to disregard His care and love for us

Is nothing but selfish ingratitude.

And that is why, when we say, we love each other,

We must take into account whether our love,

Can be subservient and submissive to the greater love,

We claim to have for our Creator and Cherisher.

Idealism based on falsehood and illogical dogmas

Is  but the foundation of a fool's paradise.

And so too is the love we profess for each other,

Whenever we say to one another: "I love you".

But the beauty is in harmonizing this feeling

With the greatest of all:

The love we have for God,

And the love He too has for us.

Otherwise the love we claim to have for each other

Is doomed to end as a tragic failure...

If not soon, then at a later stage...

But it is doomed to become autumn

And turn brown and dry itself to death.

God's love is like water which flows incessantly,

It comes down from an eternal spring,

From the heavenly places only He knows.

And the love between men and women succeeds only if

It mixes and gets the nourishment and nurturing

Of God's eternal yet unmistakable love

For all His creation.

The more we say we love each other

The more should we stoop to listen with patience

The other person's point of view

Without bringing into play

The bigotry of false beliefs and hearsay.

Nor should we allow our tempers to go off tangent

From what is described as normal and tempered behaviour.

Logic and reason and historical proof

Are the best armour which true lovers can wear

While having differences, especially over religious faith.

Love is the essence of God and his ray of light in us all,

And it needs to be replenished with truth.

Otherwise the 'love' we claim for one another,

Proves to be nothing else,

Than a disaster which can wreck two loving souls,

Physically, mentally and spiritually, forever.

If love is universal and uniquely singular,

Then God Almighty is the same.

And the scriptures sent by Him through all His messengers,

Say the same thing as was told to Prophets Moses and Aaron:

It is the very first of all Commandments asserting that:

"Thou shalt have no god beside me."

So this Love called God has no partners

And is independent

Of each and everything in this universe,

Call it Allah, Jehovah or God Almighty...

Why do we need to argue and debate,

About the unique oneness of God,

When we do not question the oneness of Love?

Aren't all of us with prejudice or bias told that:

"The proper name of God in man is love".

And being so, love is par equal,

It is self-subsisting and eternal.

And all differences will vanish into thin air,

If all lovers accept this fact and reality,

As truth and reality undeniable.

Godly love -- Perfect love,

And Perfect Love is Perfect Light,

And this being the logic of the case,

All my heart and soul proclaim:

That He, the Almighty, has no parallel...

From Him we come and to Him we return.

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shazi's picture

What a thought provoking and brilliant piece of work my friend. Read it and then re-read it and it made more and more impact on me. well done Naveed 5 stars all the way