Again, another overcast, pleasant day comes

Along with its soft and gentle drizzle

Again, my whole being, in its time machine

Goes back to a similar day of my childhood.

A day off from school and a day of pure fun

With friends and comics, cowboys, 'Injuns'

With Vijy, Ramola, Waheed and Josh*

And Daphne as  "Jane" and me "Tarzan".

The memories of the golden days gone by

Stir sweet melancholia in me and I

Often sigh reminiscing like today

Wishing I could be "Tarzan" again and play

All the games that filled my life fully

And no worry came to spoil that life carefree.

Then, slowly, like a spirit from Heaven, a breeze fans

My brow, ushering me to my present romance

With my "Lush Lily" and her winsome glance

"Hey You!" says the breeze as if it is there

To make me aware of 'here' not 'there'

And this wave of sheer and ethereal joy

Hugs me fondly, making me enjoy

The grandeur of the moments now:

The pageantry of "Lush Lily's" love.

Then a ray of sunshine lights the scene

Making my future with "Lily" the dream

A dream very bright and a promising one

Days and nights with her in our "Magic Kingdom"

Yes, the signs being scrolled on the sky, do say

That my beloved and I aren't that far away.

To have her beside me and often in my arms

And cuddle lovingly for a song and dance

To caress her face and soothe her hair

And embrace her tenderly like a silly bear

And give her the hints of the grand dreamland

Called "Happiness And Love" is what I 've planned.

So I want the clouds and the rain to go tell her

That my every fibre and breath like fire do stir

Glowing embers of the great times ahead

That toss restlessly within my head

And the scent-laden air that lingers here

Makes me miss her more ...more than I can bear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Vijy, Ramola, Waheed and Josh: Names of my childhood friends with whom I had so many unforgettable lovely times...It is a pleasant rainy day of August 14, 2010, making me remember the past...when as I have written in the poem too, a soothing breeze brushes past me like a spirit from Heaven, making me return from the past to the present...a present where I am in love with the woman who also loves me with all her heart and soul...and slowly yet steadily a grand scene of my future life with her emerges...and it can be seen by every one...men and women...who define themselves as incurable romantics and divinely blessed lovers.

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heatherburns35's picture

Beautifully written...I pray your dreamland becomes a reality.....You are such a talent...I enjoy your work....