It rained again this dawn

And I thought more and more

Of the loveliness that's you

And the raindrops gave a melody

To the soul-deep findings

Inspiration lay bare

At my unseen feet.

You outclass all others

Of your kind

With the purity of your heart

And the sanctity of your soul

So much so that your mind

Glows with nothing but beauty

As your form reflects the radiance

With uncanny precision

To the one man who has been given

The ability to sift true from false.

O poetess! O beloved rare woman!

I stand in awe

And marvel at the wonders

And miracles of God Almighty.

You are the she

I have been longing for

From the core of my yearning soul

For you know how to love

And be loved.

You are simply in a class of your own

And I feel not ashamed

In proclaiming that I love you too

And rejoice in the dreams

You have woven for me

Via the beautiful poems

That expose me to this bitchy world.

I am a man who knows no fear

Other than the one I have for God

And being a humble one I however profess

That I shall not be quivering

Or hesitating if anybody dares

To pose obstacles in our being together.

Let the world of selfish men and women

See what true love can do to those

Who have a heart and soul like mine.

And let it be known

To one and all

That even I love you truly



And shall continue to love you only

Even after my last breath

Is taken away from my mortal form.

Death cannot steal

True love and I have

Full faith in God's mercy

That He shall not separate

What He Himself has joined:

You and I...two loving souls

Who were craving for naught

But pure and true love.

So take my hand and walk bravely

Through every valley of fear

And let me deal with the scornful ones

And those with malice in their hearts.

I know how to reduce all such

To fading and crumbling ruins.

You, my beloved rare woman

Have made me blessed and I thank you

For having embellished my roughness

With the soft tenderness

Which only you have the ability to do...

I stand amazed

And ponder on the rainfall

And also on the one spiritual shower

In which God has bathed me

And I say with all my heart

"I am grateful to you O Almighty".

I love you O my sensuous all woman

Totality is what marks your words

And poetic refrains

And the depth in which you move

And glide like a bold fish

Is one that cannot be measured

By the believers of bigotry

And those with tainted eyes.

You are a majestic figure

And in your love do I find my life's joy

And the purpose for which I was sent

From my spiritual Eden

Because you were here

Waiting for me...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for the woman who truly loves me.

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