O the tragedy of my life!

I would rather be calm and silent

Than disclose the names

Of my loved ones, my kith and kin

And my several so-called friends

But a vent to my feelings I must give

As it helps me understand

Evil ones in a wiser way.

There is a maxim I learned at school:

That money makes the mare go

And that it is the 'god' of many humans.

Let me prove the truth of this adage

With all that happened to me

The treachery which almost wrecked me

Like it did to many before me...

I was  'loved'  for my professional status

my social standing and my earnings

And also for the beautiful things I possesed:

While inwardly

All of those mentioned above

Were waiting for my death knell.

They left nothing undone

Even invoking the devil and his creed

In getting me out of the way

As soon as they could.

With smiles on their masked faces

And hatred in their hearts

They robbed me of my peace of mind

And made every day a hell

For my well being.

They have stabbed me in ways

That would have made Lady Macbeth* shudder

At the greater horror of it all.  

Starting with my ex-wife

One by one they all tried

To end my sojourn in this world.

To top it up some of these evil ones

Even wanted to kill

My loving pet dog

As he was trying to guard me

In my hours of nightly slumber.

But God Almighty protected me

Not once but always.

Yet, they all succeeded

In thrusting  their spears, swords and daggers

Deep into me and my being.

And I was wounded for seven years

And became a vegetable like form

Rotting, dying a slow and painful death.

But again my Allah sent help

And my best of all human friends

Lovingly called Shazi by those who know him

Came and after carefully analysing

The gravity of my worsening condition

And the plight of my sons and daughter

Did his best

And by dint of his efforts

And the prayers of a saintly man

Loved both by God and men

I literally got a second lease of life.

While they who had did all they could

To destroy me totally

Were astonished, amazed and aghast

At how I had sprung back to life

And living with a new burst of zeal.

My Allah be praised for saving me

And foiling the plot of my hidden foes.

Yet, even though I forgave them,

They harboured the old hate and grudge

As their deeds slowly revealed to me

Time and again

As three more years passed.

Now I know them and being aware

Of how much show of affection

They display whenever they can

The wise man in me reveals all:

And even now in 2010

I can see how happy they are

As they think they can still fool me

In their cunning and coinniving ways

And all this is for what?

Just the money I make and save?

I can see their villanish laughter

As they relent not and keep advancing

At me with greater venom

To cut my jugular vein

Or drive a hole in my wounded heart

For yet one more time.

But I won't name them

As I was not and even now

Can never be like any of them.

I rest my case with God

My best Protecting Friend -- Allah

As He happens to be

The greatest all-knowing Judge

And the best recompensing Lord.

So let me not name my 'murderers'

They shall reap what they have sown

And even though I may forgive them

Time and time again

Not for a moment shall I forget

All that they did to me.

Hey, I cannot be what I cannot be:

A vindictive impostor.

And so shall I never stoop

To be a sinner like they are.

I am a believer in good and goodness

Imbibed in my conscience

Via men like Christ and Muhammad

So while they can play the Satanic role

God won't let them achieve their 'goal'.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*LADY MACBETH: The evil wife of Macbeth, characters in William Shakespeare's play of the same name.
*CHRIST AND MUHAMMAD: Two of God Almighty's messengers who are famous for their merciful and forgiving nature (May God's peace and blessings be upon both of them).

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