We all look with fond reverence

And nostalgia

At the scenes of times gone by

It is so easy for the sensitive hearts

Like yours and mine

To feel this way and move us deeply

Yes Orion shines with its girdle

In the winter sky from October to March

And Pleiades, those Seven Sisters

Also like bright diamonds glow

Reminding of a home high up there

A home we lost long long ago

There are so many worlds made for us

By our Creator and it is we lost

The best that was made by Him

And landed here to toil and go

Yes my dear friend we have wrapped our selves

In our own selfish and frail cocoons

Assuming we are going to be here forever

Ah the fault that has en-gripped us!

God does not need us for Him

He is eternally besought by all

It is we poor children of Adam and Eve

Who are always in need of Him

And His never ending grace and mercy

O my dear friend take out some time

From the grinding humdrum of life

And return my smile for you with a smile

So this world can look good...

...If only for a while.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my rejoinder to Shehzad Latif aka Shazi's poem titled "The Family".

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shazi's picture

My dearest friend I read your reply and I miss you so much it hurts. I dont have the words to say Thank you for being my friend. I love and miss you Naveed.