When I was just five years old

I had many things which I cherished

But most of all I loved the golden oldie

Who was known as my maternal grandpa

Because he never left me feeling

Wanting for the love and care

A five-year-old child desires most.

I knew my mother and father

Were quite busy at work

At office and also at home.

So I never ever complained

Because that was just not right

Even for that child's mind of mine.

But grandpa always was there for me

With all his care and concern

Which he loved to lavish most on me.

Then came the years

When I was sent to school

And where -- thanks yet again to my loving God --

I chanced to meet the loveliest girl

My eyes of head, heart and soul had seen

And we became very good friends

In a matter of no time.

Her name was Daphne

A name that will always remain

Ingrained in my memory.

And be part of my destiny.

Our friendship was innocent and pure

Sincere, loyal, trustworthy and rare

I had lost my grandpa by then

As his time to go back to God had come.

But Daphne filled in the void and gap

In her own lovely, charming, angelic ways.

Again, God was being very kind and loving

For refilling my full quantity of love

Pure, true and refined like gold

Which I always sought only from Him.

And in this truth

To this day I believe so.

For only God Almighty

Made Daphne lovely for me

Like a true friend she always was

Always there for me...

And then as the years grew

She became a pretty, loving maiden

Whose love always ruled my being

As my feelings too were just as strong

For her and her saintly soul.

Then fate separated us

And hate filled my years that followed

The hate and venom of a lecherous she-devil

Who was forced into marriage with me.

Even then, putting up with all her ugliness

Of heart, mind, soul and character

I gave the best years of my youth

Trying to make her a family-loving woman

And a husband-loving wife

And a children-caring mother.

It did not work at all

Her hate and envy along with her greed

For more and more wealth and status

Made her more and more of a devil

And we suffered

My children and I

And the house

Which we all -- my children and I

Did our very best to make it a home.

Then she left us in her quest for more

In money and belongings

The social butterfly in her made her wild

And one day she flew back with an air ticket

Purchased from the money I had saved

For our children...

She promised to return with some immense wealth

Within a month

But failed to keep in touch with any one of us

Me or the children

For more than seven years.

But God Almighty be praised and thanked

For blessing me and my boys and girl

With the true love of a woman

Who loves us all unconditionally

Expecting only true love in return

From all of us especially me.

Am I not lucky?

God did test me for some long years

With the worst of women a man can have

For a wife or the worst of mother

Any child can even dream of...

But now we again find that we all are lucky

To have true love in our lives again

Giving a whole new turnaround to our somewhat wrecked lives.

I thank her

Without naming her.

She is my beloved and will always be so

For now and for all the coming years

We love each other and love at least for now

The time being

To be secretive and mysterious.

There are so many sweet smelling flowers

And shrubs in a garden

But the scent of one of them is the sweetest

That is how I define my beloved

And with this clue

Add no more to reveal

More about her loving mysteries.

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heatherburns35's picture

Great piece...I wish you happiness and the best
life has to offer...your very deserving....
good luck...