Yes, I am a strange man

A different kind of guy

I love my God Almighty

The most of all whom I love.

I try to follow His Commandments

And do my level best to be as good

As He wants me to be.

I keep on battling my greatest foe

Defined as Satan, Devil, Lucifer

And seek my God's protection

From this devil and his ilk at all times.

May God Almighty keep me safe

Not just me but my loved ones

My friends and well wishers

From this fallen angel called Satan.

I do try to be good to people

To the best of my efforts and will.

I do not practice free sex

Nor have had extra-marital ties

Or girl-friends with whom I sleep

I am not gay either...

I believe in marriage and true love

As ordained and allowed by my God

And as taught by His messengers.

I do not indulge in fornication

Gambling or one-night stands

With whores wherever they may be

Whether on the roads and streets

Or as bored housewives inside their homes.

I do not lie and do not cheat

Do not break my given word

Do not steal or beg or snatch

That which does not belong to me.

I pray and fast as much as i can

But I do not claim to be a saint.

I am honest, upright, brave and daring

And can break the bones of men

Who dare to offend the helpless ones

Helpless children, old men and women

And even a poor wounded animal.

I am a man and a human being

And have my list of small follies

But it does not include any

Described here so honestly.

I do all I can with the gifts

Of heart, mind, body and soul

Blessed upon me by my Loving God

Whom I love to call Allah.

I love a woman in a far-off land

But that does not mean

I covet her and run off with her

To some uninhabited island

Uncharted in the maps of men

Frequented by sailors who roam the seas.

I love her with all my heart and soul

Mind and total being

And pray only the best for her

When I am awake or when dreaming

Or even lost in a sleepy doze.

She loves me too

This I know

But my rules and my love of God

Prevent me from breaking the codes

Framed for me by none but God.

So I seek help in patience

And devotional acts and sublime prayer...

And in my prayers I confess to my Lord

As to how much I love this dame.

Who is miles and miles away from me

Living beyond the mountains and seas.

But then again my heart whispers quietly

That I cannot break God's set rules

Even for the woman whom I love best.

I am different

A strange kind of guy

Who loves and who knows how to fight

For the poor, the meek and the helpless

And having never faced defeat

In disputes and brawls

With more than 313 souls.

Winning is a blessing of my Almighty God

Blessed on me like He blessed Samson,

David, Hercules and Caliph Ali --

The Brave cousin of Prophet Muhammad.

I am different

My loving ways are different

My living code is different from many

Among today's women and men.

I love my beloved

And can give my life for her

A trillion times without a tinge of pain

Ever showing on my smiling face.

But I am different

Very much so...

And waiting with full faith in God

That one day I will be with my lady love.

I smile sometimes as I feel God's message in me

That I will not lose the woman I love.

What a different way of being convinced

By my Creator of my life and soul

But then did I not tell you all

That I am indeed a different man

And the woman who is the sweetest to me

Knows full well she loves

A really strange and different man.

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The plot thickens "nuff said"