I did not wallow in my ills

Nor did I spread out my garment

Like a torn and tattered beggar

Seeking sympathy and help.

I only spoke my mind

At the way I saw things.

I had to to give vent to my thoughts

And innermost feelings

Being in nature a poet

And that too possessing

A deep heart, mind and soul.

I do not think life is merely

Meant to be experienced

And "lived" and "enjoyed" without rules

Or a code of proper human conduct

Prepared by the One True Great God

Who created us humans, the genie and the angels

Along with innumerable other beings

That which we have no knowledge of...

If a life without rules and proper conduct

And a set of rules for hygiene and health

Proper worship and sincere adulation

And sincere thanksgivings to God Almighty

Had no need to be present for us

And had we been allowed to wallow like pigs

And other shameful creatures that are unaware of shame

Yet toil and plod their days and nights

And waste their lives of mother earth

Then this world would haee been a scum bag

Of dirt, rot, filth and muck...

And if this had been so

Then the wisdom of the sages

The philosophers and thinkers

The reformers, saints and prophets

Would not have shown us

The right from the wrong

The sin from the good.

God Almighty created us

And He knows best

How to guide us

He is our best Shepherd

And we are His flock.

He daily works according to His divine plan

To save those lost sheep among us

Who have been lured by Satan and gone astray

And are still doing so

Their numbers increasing with each passing day

As the dirt and filth and wars of worlds show.

And Lucifer and his increasing legions

Are happy at the success of their efforts

But God is the Wisest and knows how best

To save his wandered and scattered misguided flock

From the evil methods of all the devils

And demons and diabolical beings.

God knew as He always does

How to save His misguided lambs

Among men and women

Little hildren and feeble old people.

So He sent down His messnegers

And prophets and saints

So as to rescue those gone astray

From the right path leading to Paradise

And divine spiritual salvation.

Lucifer made Adam and Eve fall

From the blissful state they were in

By sweetening the taste of evil tempation

To them and thus making them forget

The first commandment of God Almighty.

That led to the fall of all mankind

And also included the fall of Satan

And his creed and seed

Supporters and followers

Who promised God Most High

That they would do all they could

To fill mankind in the dungeons of Hell.

If only -- as Lucifer sought -- God's "reprieve"

For himself and all the other devils

And if they were given permission and means

Till the Last Day, the Day of Judgement

To lead men and women from the righteous path.

God scoffed at Satan and said

Only those who forgot His Guidance

That He the Most Merciful

Would send via His messengers and scriptures

Prophets and saints and wise far-sighted men

And chose instead to follow

The tempataions of their lower souls

And greed and avarice, lust and unbridled sex

Would be lured by the demons led by the chief --

Who had declared when Adam and Eve with Him fell

That he would be "an avowed enemy

Of Adam and Eve and their progeny."

"You will nave no power over my faithful servants"

So replied God to Lucifer

And all those who lined up with him

To degrade and defame Adam and Eve

And their offspring

Right up to the Last Day.

Experience is not enough for a newborn child

Nor for a man who loiters on the roads ans streets

Naked and in glee, thinking that his way of living

Is the best way of living and enjoying life.

Nor is experience enough for thw insane and mad,

The maniacs and the lunatics

Tne war mongers and the mischief makers

Or the burglars and rapists and murderers

Or the practitioners of evil arts

In the forbidden coves in hidden deserts

Mountains, seaside caves and barren wells.

If there is nobody qualified enough

To guide them, treat them and save them

From a life of lasting misery.

Evem a mewbprm babu needs a mother and father

And if possible a loving family

To grow up as a good citizen.

So my dear fellow poetess,

You are wise

But you are not God

None of us can be so

For we cannot even create a fly.

God knows His divine plans

And to root out sin He destroys sinners

Just as all His Holy Books show

In clearly elaborated and authentic accounts.

That if sinners were left to survive

Just on the pretext

That God hates sin and not the sinners

Then very soon a day will come

When sinners will devour and wipe out

All good and goodness from the earth's face.

The stories of Prophets Noah, Abraham, Lot,

Moses, Jesus and Muhammad -- May the peace and blessings of God Most High and Most Loving

Be on each and all of them -- testify

That for sin to be washed out, the sinners must perish.

We cannot dare say that we love our fellow men

And women

More than God loves them.

Nobody loves His Creation big and small

More than the Greatest Creator Himself.

So let us not live and fool our imaginations

By drawing some off-hand fantasies

On our limited conscious canvases

And belittle the Wisdom of God.

Let us learn to accept reality and facts

Truth and falsehood, sorcery and myths

As they are

And have been recoreded in history

Ever since the chronicles have been jottoed

Abvou the eternal battle between good and evil.

God is with the good and loves goodness

He does not hate his creation at any time

But His divine law is very mysterious

And even Satan too, being His disobedient servant --

Who has promised to damn all mankind to Hell --

Along with him and his seed and creed

When the deeds are measured on the Last Day

Will feel for his soul when his "reprieve" ends.

God knows His wise and mysterious ways

Of wiping out sin -- which cannot be wiped out --

If the sinners are allowed to survive

As followers and supporters of devils.

No mother and fathe loves a bad child

Similarly God too acts wisely and through His love

For the good among us

He has to destroy sin and sinners

Like the folk of Noah and Nimrod

Pharoah and Goliath

And the pagans of Makkah

Had to be destroyed

So that the good souls can be be saved

From the persecution and temptation

Of Satan and his seed and creed

And his growing band of followers.

This is the wisdom of the sages

And the saints and all the prophets.

It is up to us and our thinking

To try to understand the mysterious ways

Through which our Loving God Almighty acts

To save the good flock from the bad.

This is what God's Divine Will is

And as the wise Spencer so rightly said:

"In His Will lies our peace."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is a rejoineder to Melissa Lundeen, a fellow poetesses' reponses to some of my poems titled "BECAUSE". This rejoineder of mine was composed and posted on June 3, 2010.

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shazi's picture

I am waiting for the patient to turn up on the operating table and mean while reading your poems. This one I think falls in the category of what is called prose poems, it has depth and a lesson only if we are prepared to learn. Bless you