The more I observe the cosmos

The more do I come to know

That everything is transcient

And destined to wither

My Creator breathed His spirit in me

And made me worthY of being worshiped

By the angels and the genie.

Otherwise what was I

But a statue of dust and clay?

I see my Creator's life giving force

In everything He created

Just by the power of His Will.

So there is nothing dead

Until the life giving spirit

Breathed into lifeless matter

Returns back to Him.

And the wide expansive wonders

Of the cosmos reveal it to me

As do the depths of oceans

And the orbiting of moons, planets and stars,

The galaxies and the constellations

That whatever we are

Whatever our life is

Is but a Sign of God Almighty

Glowing in us

And the more we make it lustrous

With love, good thoughts, good deeds

And a reverent thanks to Our Lord God

We and everything is bound to perish.

The Spirit of the One True God

Will never be challenged by death

For death means nothingness

And God cannot be nothingness.

So my heart reverently submitted

Itself to the wisdom it learned

From the inspirations triggered

By what is within me and what is without

And also by pondering on the vital life force

That gives movement to this mortuaries

Of dust clay, minerals and ores.

There is no God but the One True One

Proclaimed solemnly my being

In full faith of universal rhythm.

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heatherburns35's picture

Very beautiful...you have been posting
great work lately...I have enjoyed reading
each of your poems...