Would I be boasting or showing off

How sacrificing I have been

If I relate here how much I gave

Of myself for the joys and happiness

Of my father, mother and children?

Would I be sounding like a male chauvinist

If I mention how I got bonded in marriage

To a woman who was not at all my kind of a woman

Nor was she even a pale shadow of

The loving wife I once asked of God?

Sixteen long years of suffering

Have taken away much of what I once was

Very cruelly from me by the hands of fate.

Destiny is strange

It makes friends become enemies

And converts loving fathers into men who

Want their own will to prevail

Even at the cost of their son's happiness

Prosperity and well being.

Destiny made Brutus the Roman --

The best friend of Julius Caesar --

Stab him deep and pierce his heart.

Destiny made Judas

The disciple of noble Jesus Christ

Betray him for some pieces of silver.

Destiny is a strange and unpredictable ally

For its ways are always unknown

To even the best of human minds.

And even I, a seeker of true, loyal love

A loving home and a caring wife

Who I wished would make our home a heaven

Deceived me too

Using my loving father as its poisoned barb

That pierced me deep and most artfully

As I got married to a devil of a woman

Who wss never happy or content

With my love and all that which I strived

To provide for her

Including three lovely children

With the mercy and Will of God.

This she-devil persecuted me

And made every moment a misery

Worse than the ones shown in movies

Like "Misery", "Play Misty for Me"

And Farrah Fawcett's "Too Good to be True".

Like the fabled "Wife of the fisherman"

In a famous and well known fairy tale

This she-devil made home a hell for me

And my two little sons and toddling daughter.

And one day in her greed and lust for more

She left us and walked away

Back to the place from whence she came.

My sons and my little daughter were shocked

And wondered how could a "mother" walk away

From her own three little, innocent kids.

While I also in a fit of depression

Wondered at the reality of all relationships

Including that of a husband and wife.

So passed seven years and more

She, the she-devil did not even care

To call and talk, if not with me,

At least to her three children.

But like I said above

Destiny plays its greatest tricks

When we are the least ready for it.

I and my three children

Learned to reconcile with facts

And decided to take life as it comes.

Now, thanks to God our Creator the Best

A loving woman has embraced us all

With welcoming arms and true affection

Not just me but my children too.

We all love each other

To an extent nobody can gauge.

So let it be

Let not drastic destiny

Interfere in our joys again

This is my most sincere prayer

To God Almighty in His Most Loving Name.

May my children three and I

Along with the loving care

And tender understanding passion

Have our remaining life full of love

Sans any grief, remorse or pain

Amen,Aaamen, Amen, Amen!!!!

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shazi's picture

Dear friend, i felt your pain as i read line after line but i think it is time for you to shun your past and stop lamenting about it. I am now even more intrigued by this "lovely woman" level with me please