For more than two decades

A morning walk in June

Held nothing, had nothing

Which could make me joyous.

Thanks to God Almighty

Today's walk was different

It had everything for me

Love, joy, beauty, laughter.

For more than twenty years

I used to miss my lost love

Longing for her day and night

My life for me was sorrow.

But today, this first of June

My life looked like a new book

A love story written by her

Who's the most important 'she' now.

We children of Adam and Eve

Cannot survive without true love

More than food, water and shelter

True love makes our souls grow.

For God the Greatest did make

Everything out of His Love

And then breathed in Adam

The essence of its know-how.

So this early June morning

I thank the woman sweetest

Who made me a man once more

With nothing else than the power

And the faith she has in true love.

This woman sweetest is my life-breath

My friend and energizer

To her I owe all my changed days

And the sunshine of my valour.

May God Almighty the Greatest

Make our rare love blossom

For it is a love which very few

Of these earthlings can ever fathom.

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shazi's picture

Ny dearest friend, the poem speaks of our style but I am confused about this "new" love ? woman. Please explain