Drop by drop my blood does ooze

Drop by drop my tears do fall

Because I am so much loved by you

And yet my arms to your arms call.

The rainy April night is long

And dark clouds thunder high above

The early crescent has also left

And I am longing for your love.

I want to hide away from this world

Hide completely in your embrace

I want to weep, weep and weep

With only you looking upon my face.

I want to sit with you and only you

And tell you how much I love you

And even show the same in deeds

That I love no woman more than you.

I want to drown in your doleful eyes

And forget that I even exist

I pine to sip your lips' nectar

And sleep in your caring paradise.

I want to twinkle in your grins

That burst forth from you like smiles

I want to sparkle in your gaze like stars

That spread joy for miles and miles.

I want to remain like the scent

That loves to linger on your presence

I want to be the garment which

Adds lustre to your innocence.

Your beauteous form, your simple charms

Are so devoid of all envy and harm

And no matter what the world may say

In you I see only my peace and calm.

O fairest one of my heart and soul

I care not what others think of you

If only they could see you like I do

All of them will fall in love with you.

You are my love, my life, my soul

And you are my destiny's star

My life is yours, my love is yours

And to be your love is my goal.

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heatherburns35's picture

beautifully written love poem...I enjoyed the read...