Ramadan and devotees of God Almighty

Create a scene of spiritual ecstasy

Like lovers reveling in unison for an assembly

Of piety marked by sincere reverence

And heeding the message of sacred sanctity

In the call of their incomparable Beloved*.

No food, no water from dawn to dusk

No defiance against the divine will

No desire to follow the footsteps of Satan

Abstinence marks the entire month

A heartening repulsion of all evil

Within and without the self.

Are Muslims different from the rest of mankind?

Did not all sages, saints, wise men and women,

Lovers of the Greatest Being, prophets, messengers

Belonging to each and every nation of the planet

Not fast and battle and beat

The carnal temptations of the lower self

And evolve the purity of the higher one?

From Adam and Noah and Abraham to Moses*

From Shiva to Krishna, Buddha to Ashoka*

From Mary and Jesus to Muhammad* and his followers

Did not the Almighty's blessed ones

Not fast, in order to gain sublime awareness

Of the fact which is proclaimed by the body

That man doth not live by bread alone?

So is the joy of battling all devilish yearnings

Discovered by the one who fasts

And draws nearer and nearer to Him who made

Everything, everywhere.

Ramadan  means heat -- the month when the passion

Of the soul's lofty longings is seen at its best

Comes with all the special mercy of the most merciful Lord

The Creator and Cherisher

Of all worlds and everything therein.

Fasting is not just starvation for some prescribed hours

It is much more ethereal in its entirety

And can be felt and defined by the man and woman

Who loves God more than anybody or anything.

Yes, it is the first step of truth

Leading to the awareness of the Ultimate Truth.

O Naveed! Humble yourself and your purpose

To Him who knows what is best for you

O poet, fast with total abandonment

Of all selfishness!

Pull out the seed of vain cravings

And in sombre meditation focus your powers

And feel the Light of Allah and His grace

For now and for all time to come.

O you son of Adam and Eve

Vanquish your greed and lust

And strive to be one with the One again!

Let the divine drop rejoin the unending ocean

Of immeasurable, yet, all-radiating, Unique Divinity.

And may the separated colour become once again

A part of the eternal One forever....

Perhaps the truth with the Truth highest

Will end all your sufferings and make you blend

Spiritually with the Alive, the Eternal.

Let the angels also see O Naveed!

See what they could not when God told them

To prostrate themselves before Adam

Let them see O dear heart of mine

Why man is the best of His creations

And why they were told to bow down to him.

Let the universe witness why Adam and his mate

Were next to none

But God the Greatest, the One and only One.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*ADAM, NOAH, ABRAHAM, MOSES, SHIVA, KRISHNA, BUDDHA, MAHAVIRA, ASHOKA, SHIVA, MARY THE VIRGIN, JESUS AND MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon all of them) were all prophets, messengers and chosen men and women of God Almighty...chosen for the piety and love they had for the Lord Almighty in their hearts and souls.
*NAVEED/POET: I am referring to myself here like most poets do in their poems...especially in the East.
Composed and posted on the 17th of August, 2010...the 7th of the Islamic month of Ramadan, 1431 A.H.

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Fasting concentrates the mind and is a good exercise for mind and soul and it is common to all the major religions. Not many Christians observe the 44 days of Lent nowadays which is quite sad. They observe the feasts willingly enough. I enjoy Lent with it's fasting penance, contemplation and charitable giving. I hope you enjoy Ramadan in a similar sense.


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