I loved an Indian princess

When I was a soldier

Fighting alongside

The great Alexander.

From Greece we came

Each of us with a goal

Of fulfilling desires

Of hearts and minds whole.

Alexander defeated

The valiant King Porus

Near River Jhelum

And marched on and on

To add more and more

To his great empire.

But I stayed behind

In the valley of Jhelum

After giving my heart

To a lovely Indian princess.

Fairest in form

Generous in soul

She promised to me

To be mine forever.

Then we shared our lives

And love for each other

The moments and hours

Were paradise remade.

Then death seized us both

And we plunged once more

Into the deep well

Where forgetfulness dwells.

And centuries passed by

In the cyclic span of time

Till I came here again

To endure one more trip

Of life, loss and gain.

And then she found me

From a land quite afar

With her keen knowledge

Of seeing through the stars.

And we came to remember

Our vows of the ages

That we were made to be

In love each other's.

Both in a new form

In bodies and looks

Me as courageous

And she fairest in looks.

One day we shall both

Rush and embrace

Our loving souls again

And I will keep on loving

My lovely Indian princess.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Posted on March 16, 2010. Modified on March 21, 2010.

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Starward's picture

Despite my better judgment, I really and truly admire this poem---as a poem. I disregard the reincarnationist theology that provides some of the action, but I applaud the intensity of the emotion it presents. I must say . . . I was radically surprised by how much I admire this one.


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