All night long under an open sky

Asking myself many a question

I stare at the stars and the moon

But none help me in any dimension.

I am loved and I am needed too

But my restless heart reconciles not

And space keeps opening its wide wide jaws

And its hollow stretches spread their claws.

I search for Pluto after the dim red Mars

And take my telescopic gaze very very far

In a bid to unravel the mysterious me

The me so uncommon in this world's farce:

This farce of selfish give and take

Of shallow love and kisses fake

How much more, O how much more

Must I endure this trauma, for God's sake!

For God's sake O you angels tell me:

Why did you err and landed me here?

A place wherein I find myself as rare

As Gemini the Twins* are to Great Bear*.

This murky world with its fancy folks

Is not the world I was created for

So O you angels who erred in your task

Hearken to attend to my heart's deep scar...

I am trying my very best to fit in here

In this world and all its hackneyed cheer

But the power which makes me see into souls

Stabs all my efforts, like a spear...

And I have to lie under the sky at nights

To find Pluto or the world I really belong

And the lady who reads the stars once said

She would help me out but she too has fled

To her own world of lonely joys and dreams

Leaving me alone in my quest for peace

So I seek for the place whence I came

Under a star-strewn opening of a dark black frame.

One secret I have in this time found

That hell is a life without the beloved

And with the one most loved in your eyes

Is just the threshold of Paradise.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Gemini the Twins and Great Bear: Constellations in the sky.

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Tamzin Seegobin's picture

Mr. MNA, although this is not a bad piece of work, it is not as good as others I've read by you, and the Lady wants to know the reason why.....