Moon out of view

Dogs barking from a distance

Police vans patrolling

The roads and streets

Of this terror-struck land of mine.

All by myself I am

At these pre-dawn hours.

A nightly vigil in quest of peace.

My country is not what it was

Three decades ago.

There was no militancy

Nor suicide attacks

No guns, no bombs, no violence

Just amity and tolerance

Rustled in the air.

Music and innocence

Love and forbearance

Flourished happily.

Schools, colleges and parks

Resounded with laughter

Of boys and girls

Devoid of any fear

Of attacks by extremists.

How everything has changed!

Changed for the worse


I ask myself if I am the only one

Feeling this tragedy of time

Or if there are others like me

Longing for tranquility

Peace and harmony

Along with stability

In the homeland.

Like the owl I mull

The sad unfolding

Of the grim scenario

Gripping my homeland

Like the tentacles of an octopus.

Is there light at the tunnel's end?

A silver lining with the dark clouds?

There is no answer to my questions

As the shadows of night also stop

For a while to listen

To all that I am uttering

To myself and the scene around.

The endless dimension above

Increases my pathetic thoughts.

I am dejected and sad.

O my heart

Tell me what to do

Tell me where to go

To try and play a part

In restoring sanity

In this land of mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed and posted on March 28, 2010.

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heatherburns35's picture

I watch the news each night about your homeland...and my heart goes out to your people...I wonder sometimes why and how does things like this happen..Why does God let it be...I have friends living there...They are ever on my mind...and I worry about their safety...I pray things will change for you and your people...I pray God will keep them safe.....You write about your home land with great passion....I pray that things will change for the better for all man kind...Hope is not lost...