May Allah bless both of them,

In this world and the next,

At every stage wherever they are,

Shazi and Moby for what they are:

My two best, time-tested friends.

Always ready to step forward,

Whenever I need their help.

They come forth unflinching,

And do all they can, unconditionally,

Well, Shazi is really blessed by God,

As he is the one who rescued me,

From the forces of evil,

As Allah sent him the very next day,

When I prayed to Him for His help,

In returning me back to normalcy,

And rescue me from the devils,

That were bent upon destroying me.

That's why I say and will always say,

Shazi has passed each and every test,

Of friendship beyond all doubts...

So first to Allah and then him I owe,

My second lease of worldly life,

Like an angel of Allah Almighty,

This friend did his best and saved me:

He made the Phoenix rise again...

And may God the Greatest keep him blessed.

Then there's Moby who lags not behind

In generosity and is always kind

To help his friends in need always

Is the most marked trait of his ways.

But he broke my heart at a wrong moment,

A time when I needed encouragement,

Not ridicule or criticism,

Or even sarcastic wisdom,

Whatever his intentions were...

He says he wanted me to rise,

And return to a normal life...

Though unwillingly he wounded me,

And the stab will be there eternally.

But we are all humans and have frailties,

And must forgive our best buddies.

Well, Moby is sincere, warm and plain,

Never harbours a grudge or disdain,

Always overlooks my "follies",

And endears himself more and more,

To my heart, mind and soul's very core.

About others, well, I can't compare,

But before these two they are nowhere.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my two best friends: Shehzad Latif (Shazi) who is a doctor and Mobarik Ahmed Virk, a reporter. I have known Shazi from my college days (1975) while Moby came along to stand shoulder to shoulder with him in 1982, while I was working at The Muslim daily newspaper in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Composed on the 3rd of October 2009. Modified on the 17th of August 2010.

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shazi's picture

My dearest friend Naveed, you have humbled me with such praise. I thank Almighty Allah for bestowing me the strength to help and love someone who has been a part of all my life. I love you and want you to "BE THE BEST" in all aspects of life. I salute your strength of character and your Faith in HIM. You are precious and I want you to be the High flying eagle you once told me about scorpio. I pray for you and your family and i beg ALLAH to shower HIS MERCY on you. Amin sum amin. With the sincerest of my wishes, prayers and hope I wish you enough luck to come through once again and like you said "rise like the Phoneix" Take care old friend of my younger days.