So many unfortunate people,

Sleep peacefully on roads,

Streets, pavements, platforms,

And even near dustbins,

Undisturbed their night passes...

And I stop and pause,

Am I not more blessed than many?

So I repent at my thanklessness,

And praise along with the morning larks,

The mercy and favours and protection,

Of Allah, my God Almighty,

And somehow everything appears beautiful,

Within and without,

And my beloved is not responding,

To my calls...

I pray to Allah that she stays safe,

Happy and joyous,

I thank Allah that there is still,

A woman like her...

And I shall not reveal her name,

Because she knows me and I know her,

And God Almighty knows us both.

Even on the internet,

She has come and gone,

And I kept waiting for quite some time,

Wishing that she returns...

But only God knows what's up.

May she be safe and happy,

And always cheerful and grinning...

And not pay heed,

To what the world says about her outer form.

She is beautiful and it needs a good eye,

To recognise and love the beautiful --

The really beautiful...like her.

All praise to Allah Almighty.

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shazi's picture

Another beautiful woman whom you wont mention or name, and you call me Romeo, cassanova etc etc. Well as long as you are happy I am happy too. Atleast you have someone who gives you that brief solace which has eluded you so much lately. I am happy to have read all three of your beautiful poems and I am feeling a very positive vibe. May ALLAH turn this vibe into a tide and my friend storms back to life and shows the world "HE IS ALI of our times". AMIN