When nothing save your Presence is here O God,

What for is all this chaos and mayhem, O God?

Alright, please let us not delve further,

Just give me a glimpse of your Light, O God!

The evening sun has sunk deep somewhere,

Keep me away from the tavern, Please, O God!

And now I know that nothing is lovelier than Truth,

The Truth which exists invisibly in all things O God.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is in the category of RELIGIOUS POETRY but in fact, if the reader ponders deeply, this is a mystically inspired poem...a longing for the ultimate...TRUTH, BEAUTH....MEANING GOD ALMIGHTY...WHO LOVES US LIKE NOBODY OR NOTHING ELSE DOES...I am becoming more of a mystic (Sufi) these days after having seen almost everything and known so much about this world and its inhabitants...I too LOVE MY CREATOR, CHERISHER AND SUSTAINER...MY ONE AND ONLY GOD ALMIGHTY.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

beautiful piece and I think all can relate to it.