Poets, the word weavers,

These hypersensitive men and women,

Feeling intensely,

About everything.

Not responding,

Until and unless,

Every thought and mood

Find the best word,

Which is then penned,

In the scrolls of expression,

For the world to read,

For one and all to know,

The in-depth meaning,

Of all around them.

These gifted men and women,

Are like gem cutters and jewellers,

Possessing the uncanny ability,

To decorate and beautify feelings,

Affections and sentiments,

And experiences,

In the most beautiful way.

Poets know,

The truth more keenly,

Than the rest of humanity.

They have the best of hearts,

Hearts which receive everything,

Good and bad,

Kindness and cruelty,

Love and hate,

Vanity and caprice,

Disdain and praise,

Courage and meekness,

Which this world gives them.

Yet these intensely caring souls,

Always respond by giving their best,

To one and all.

Mere versifiers

And false artists of the pen,

Are not true poets.

They may fool themselves that they are,

And for a time even the people,

But in time they get exposed.

The fragrance of the Creator

Is revealed only by real flowers,

Not by paper-made ones.

The warmth of the sun,

The coolness of the moon,

The music of the rippling brook,

The songs of the morning birds,

The majesty and glory,

Of the awesome universe above,

And the wholesome warmth,

Of the world around,

Reveal the Great Lover,

Of all creation.

Artificial things cannot,

And will not take their place.

Gold is gold,

Natural and pure,

Spellbinding in its lustrous glow.

So are the hearts and minds

Of true poets and poetesses.

Falsehood cannot ever,

Dare to taint these pure hearts.

The blood flowing inside their veins,

And arteries,

Is made up of the best ingredients,

Chosen and filled in by the best angels,

Of the greatest of all Creators --

He the Lover, who loves,

Beyond measure.

His love blesses the true poets,

With a spark of His divinity

It is the tell-tale sign of these,

Chosen artists of the word.

And righteous love

Is their one and only law.

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heatherburns35's picture

This is so beautiful..You are one of these poets
whom you write about...So talented...I have read
alot of your work, and enjoyed all of it...I would
like to copy, and put it in my favorite poem folder,
with your permission...If world leaders had the heart
of poets, there would be no wars...no suffering..
A sensitive, caring heart can not stand by and see innocent children suffer...they are my passion...
thanks for sharing.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I completely agree with all you said here. Excellent write!