She works with ease at reforming me,

Using the power of her invisible charms,

Today she made me promise I would not smoke,

And I gave her my word to so without qualms.

Back in my room and after breaking my fast*,

I kept gazing the cigarrette pack,

And also at the Sherlockian pipe I had bought,

Wondering at my promise and her matchless craft.

Yes, she is changing me quietly, inside and out,

Doing what no other man or woman could do,

The art of convincing me to quit this and that,

She uses the power of her love to the utmost.

Her fondness and affection for me is true,

And she is using her sway to remake again,

The man I once was ere I encountered pain,

A man who shunned both liquor and smoking,

A man who was aware of their dangerous strain.

And the hours I spend, just chatting with her,

And sharing poetry and music are these days my best,

And without her, afterwards, every second is an hour,

Which intensifies more as darkness weaves its net.

I have promised so I must avoid the fag and the pipe,

The very habit which helped me when I would suffer.

Battling loneliness at nights is not easy,

This she also knows yet quite mercilessly,

Or so it seemed as she made me promise,

That I would quit the habit of smoking dangerously.

And what once I thought none could achieve,

My Woman Extraordinaire has done it so nicely and smoothly,

I look again and again at the cigarettes and the pipe,

Yet I remember my pledge and will honour it willingly.

To keep my word given to my Woman Extraordinaire,

I seek my God's help with a sincere prayer,

I pray to stay firm and implore my Allah,

To help me in staying away from the pipe and the cigar.

I plead to him that I break not my word,

For by doing so I would be an unjust man,

A man who is not true to himself or His plan...

His plan to reform me through her love for me,

So I resolve to die than deceive my reformer.

And as I find that I am winning the battle,

With God's gracious help I think about her,

And tell myself that Naveed: "what is smoking,

You can even give your life for a woman like her."

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