Why have you left me alone and abandoned,

You led me to slip into this dreadful quicksand,

You always found a way to forgive yourself,

And make me suffer thus with not a sin pardoned?

Today if I drown myself in wine and joints,

And forget everything that tries to torment me,

Why should I not call out and blame but you,

Whose help should I seek, beyond a certain point?

You knew me quite well and even knew my feelings,

Yet you gave me away to the devil,

You made me pay for everything you gained,

The childhood too in which you enjoyed springs.

I care not not at all for what happens to me,

I challenge death daily and defy destiny,

I break the man-made myths of all false alarms,

And love to make jokes of my own misery.

Everything to me is now a tattered dream,

As I have lost faith even in self-esteem,

I look into the eyes of the angel of death,

And dare him, if he can, to drown me in his stream.

You and your philosophy of life stand exposed,

That many men are liars who like to lie more,

And the sperm through which you made me a man,

Laughs at me like it is a heinous bleeding sword.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed/produced on the 18th of November, 2008, in Karachi, Pakistan....after an argument with my late father.

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