Your night sky,

Is my morning sky,

Lit up by the sun,

As it shines,

Outshining all else.

Destiny and time,

For us human beings,

Are measured by the sun,

And the moon,

And the movement,

Of our own planet.

But God's Eternal Light,

Encompasses everything;

And it illumines,

As the glowing reflection,

On everything good shows.

I wonder if we are,

Here as preordained,

Or paying the price,

For disobeying Him.

Destroying ourselves,

By following our lusts,

Tempted and lured,

By the evil of sin,

Which, though delicious,

Is the road to the Fire,

Which consumes everything,

When good no longer,

survives and thrives.

Look at Orion,

Or Andromeda,

Or Venus and Mars,

And even our moon,

With the mind's eye,

And perhaps like me,

Even you too may,

Know what caused,

Their haunting emptiness....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the 8th of September, 2009.

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