Should I get married again?

Should I seek a wife once more?

Should I crave for a better half?

Will it heal or refresh my pain?

Past experience cautions me,

That wedlock is a rolling dice,

And as I am not a good gambler,

I better not skate on thin ice.

I did my best to make things work,

Lived, loved and cared for my ex,

I didn’t shy about, fuss or shirk,

But spiced up life with love’s excess.

And I just sought her trust and faith,

In me and the Almighty God,

Yet she repulsed love with hate,

And reviled good with evil’s rod.

Her hate for me was boundless,

Her mistrust in me was too deep,

She shook the sanctity of ties,

And wrecked peace with noise and stress.

We had children but she didn’t care,

To rectify herself and things worsened,

When all she wanted was fun fare,

Her pleasure-quest: beyond compare.

Our living became a nightmare,

As her tantrums turned violently wild,

And one day she left her home,

Caring aught for her man and child.

She thought she could have it all,

Have everything going her way,

And when the nuptial knot was cut,

She blamed the world for the fall.

So, even though I am alone now,

In battling the odds of life,

I find days and nights better now,

Than when I had a devil for a wife.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on Wednesday, July the 2nd, 2008.

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heatherburns35's picture

I can see why you are very cautious...
I can't say I blame you...I would not
go down that road again either...I am
not saying I would never have a friend...
Get my drift...

bendergender's picture

In the first stanza you start off asking me questions, always a no no.
Then you proceed in the second stanza to give me seeds of doubt.

Then you open up completly and tell me a tale that I have to say I throughly enjoyed at your expense.

Now of course when we read poetry we have no idea as the reader whether the poem is true or not.But, when you are left thinking it must be true then I say a job well done.
I enjoyed this a lot as a poem, so do not ask me for advice.

Good luck, enjoyed this a lot.