With no clouds or dimming haze to steal the halos;

That encircle us -- the moon and me.                  

The silence and the stillness,  

And the calm sea urge me,  

To think of you --

As God's angels that woke me up

At this stillest hour of the night,

Smile invisibly:

Confirming what even I intensely feel,

That I must think of you,    

Over and over again:        

Elements of these special moments are humming

Melodies of the songs of love,

My love for you:

Yes, you, who have "got" me from me.

Beyond doubt you have "got" me,

O lady bemused, my saviour,

Can the truth and the reality,

Ever be denied by destiny?

...And I look up at the moon and the halo surrounding it.

And I think, ponder and reflect that,

Am I too not like my nightly companions?

All alone?

Without frontiers, borders or dominions?        

And then, don't we all long for some mates?

Mates, created -- And created for the poetic us?    

How we are imploring them!

Our lost mates,

It this vast oblivion of unending space,

Each, in our own undisclosed ways?

About how much...

We long to be with them again,


Ah! How much we all are,  

Circling and just circling eternally,

In orbits from which we can't escape?

And keep circling on and on because,

As God too joins in and conveys our love for them --

To them -- our lost mates,

In His own Lordly divine ways,

Silently but yet shattering

The looming silence of the vast maze!      

And this I must confess,

That even you MFSM, are not,

Or so it seems...  

Willing to respond --

Yes: you somehow, are unwilling to reply,

With the same divine passion and whisper,  

Even more gently and softly,

Than the waves that lap my feet,

And more quietly than anything else,

Dissolve all the halos around...

That encircle my lonely heart.

So respond O Woman Extraordinaire!

Now that you have "got" me,

Why do you want to cast me back,

Into the maze-filled patterns of karma.  

Tell me O Woman Extraordinaire,

Truthfully and honestly,

That you agree with me,

That you are one of the divine-sent,

To save a soul given to misery

As decreed by God in the past,

For now and for infinity!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my second rejoinder to Melissa Lundeen's poem "INTROSPECTION".

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