Fading night

Takes with it all hope

Of meeting those whom I miss.

Dry brown leaves

Come falling slowly

I hate to trample any.

In schooldays

There was Daphne John

Who still tugs at my heartbeats.

Some people

Are irreplaceable

Like Daphne and my father.

I don't know

How to forget them

Or how to carry on more.

Let dull time

Waltz to its own tune

I don't care how it goes by.

Busy friends

Have little to spare

All - struggling for survival.

Graveyard shift

Is my share of work

And I too have to toil hard.

So it is:

Be quiet O heart

Seek not what can't be found.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the 17th of December 2007 in Karachi.

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shazi's picture

So true my friend. It is a matter of carrying on isn't it? I love your works and hope to complete all three reviews today as I wait for my patient to be rolled into the operating theatre. Surprisingly ,ost of my poems have been composed in this enviorment. The verse about the graveyard shift and your father takes the prize. By the way who is daphne john and where had you kept her hidden from all and specially me??
Take care
keep writing good stuff and pray for me. Love Shazi