TO THE WOMAN EXTRAORDINAIRE (Fourth rejoinder to "Introspection" and " I never walk in fear:.

O Woman Extraordinaire!

You are one of God's best gifts to me,

In response to a constant prayer,

Blessed on me are you -- complete.

O Woman Extraordinaire!

You have given life to a man,

Who was in his worst despair,

You did, what others said: none can.

O my Woman Extraordinaire!

You, with your "Introspection",

Revealed how much you care,

For a soul who is your reflection.

Trapped in my lonely world was I,

Caring a hoot for living or dying,

Sometimes taking refuge in wine,

I even dared God to reply.

Closest to Him I am often,

When in the whirlpool of drinks,

Crying out my heart, baring my soul,

To show Him how much I was smitten.

Smitten and shattered and sundered,

Lying all alone in my room,

I would talk with God, my Lord,

And tell Him why I often wondered.

Why I often wondered why He was quiet,

And not responding to my sinking cries,

Drowning in cold misery and yet,

Seeing not His response or replies.

How I longed for His intervention,

Though angry, fed-up and badly hurt,

He knew what I was becoming,

The best in my work and yet, pent-up.

Pent up with superficial women and men,

Who thought money and status mattered most,

That the "fools" who waste their time for love,

Are not fit enough to be with them.

I often longed for her whose love,

Had once made me a superman,

But far away was she resting in peace,

And none else could know me like my dove.

So, sans love, I whiled away my nights in wine,

With some like me who too were heart-broken,

We would do what we could to be merry,

But they had families and were pressed for time...

At my work there was none to overcome me,

So gifted in my job was I,

Blessed by God in everything I did,

Only true love continued to evade me.

The past had become an aching stab,

A memory that had clutched me tight,

And the one who mattered to me most,

Would often from her pictures sight...

See she would how I was sans her,

Yet nothing except wine saved me,

I saw none who could take her place,

And longed for an end to my worry.

And as the sun bade me farewell,

I used to go to the sea and talk,

Imagining she was right there, with me,

But it turned out to be a mere fantasy.

Slowly my hope for true love suffered,

And one quiet hour in the deep of night,

I dreamed or perhaps it was a vision,

Yet soothing to my imagination.

The vision or dream would entrance me,

Quite often since this January,

Vague yet filled with a joy divine,

I felt God had, at last, showered mercy.

God showed me in a very vague form,

Of a woman who would come into my life,

And this urged me to lose not hope,

But to have faith in His intervention.

I tried to laugh, perhaps I was going crazy,

At times these doubts did engulf me,

So, caring a hoot to my own self,

I once again went back to cigars and wine.

I did try to be content, happy and merry,

Cajole and have "good hours" with friends*,

Adnan* and Ronnie* would do their very best,

With their jokes and songs to keep me jolly.

Then, one day, in July this year,

I found my dream coming true,

When you, O Woman Extraordinaire!

Wrote everything in a poem quite clear.

You, O Woman Extraordinaire!

You, O fair-winged-poetess,

Reached out with your helping hand,

And with a mirror showed my real me.

In your honest words, written skilfully,

You flung the rope of hope and "got" me,

Then slowly and steadily, yet most surely,

You managed to conquer me completely.

Thus, O Woman Extraodinaire,

Lady bemused, the sweetest,

From that 18th of July and the 25th,

Me with your affection did attire.

You bathed me in everything heavenly,

Like a houri who from Paradise,

Had come in response to my tears of plea,

And with your wisdom made me wise.

You are human yet divine and this I know,

God the Greatest has blessed me somehow,

I, who was lost in cigars and wine,

Found a woman who does love bestow.

I am happiest when in you are with me,

Though we are thousands of miles apart,

Yet, O affectionate saviour,

What matters more is your loving heart.

Now, when I am all by myself,

With God Almighty as company,

Even then I miss you badly,

And this is known to Him only.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my fourth rejoinder to the poetess Melissa Lundeen's poem INTROSPECTION.

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