Moving the ball with effortless ease

He glides through the field with a panther's pace

His gaze fixed on the opponent's goal

His eyes focusing on how to unleash

The ball right into the opponent's net

And walk away in glory like winning a bet.

Maradona is his unique name

A soccer player with gusto and verve

With his natural talent for the game

He seldom or never lose his nerve.

His speed of foot, his ball control

All reflect classic finesse

His uncanny knack to score a goal

Also highlights his greatness.

He is seldom hesitant, irate or glum

A born athlete, his stamina rules...

After Pele' we saw this rising sun

Steal glories from the teams that came.

Yes, he is called Diego Maradona

A soccer player from Argentina.

Dashing and bold, with a handsome mein

He is the master of the ball on grass.

We have seen many a footballer

Like Dino Zoff and Beckenbauer

They all did well and are on par

Till Maradona shot ahead by far...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

POSTED ON MAY 8, 2010.

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