Silence prevails

Around and within

As the evening shadows

Elongate and disappear

Into the merging of day

With night.

I pause at the scene

And get a flash

That my beloved one

Must be sleeping quietly

On the other side of the world.

We both have our dreams

And aspirations

And hoping for the best

We keep sharing

Our passion for song and dance.

From Paul Anka and Linda Ronstadt

To Neil Young and Barbra Streisand.

I watch the twilight creeping in

Silently into my domain

And get ready to cope with

Another night of lovelorn vigil.

Spring-time messengers

Make my stark loneliness

More intense.

I want to be with her

With my gracious maiden

Across the mountains and seas.

I want to fulfil all my dreams

Of lavishing perfect love on her.

I want to make her look

More beautiful and charming

By placing a crown

Of the season's most fragrant flowers

On the long and silky-tresses

Of her head.

I want to garland her neck and wrists

And even her dainty ankles

With the most gorgeous of roses.

I want to take her on walks

And write verses in praise of her.

She says she likes cone ice cream

Cheetos snacks and pop corn

With butter cubes on top

And she loves South Indian cuisine.

So I want to dine with her

In the best open-air restaurant

Where Saba* breezes past softly

Like a bearer of love's glad tidings.

And a lot more there is

Which I want to do for her

In my loving bid to make her feel

The happiest woman ever

The happiest woman to have fallen in love

With a pilgrim soul

Of a far and distant rugged land.

And, as if joining me

In this vision of mine

This vision of love wherein I beautify

Everything I can

For my beloved lady of a distant land

The evening chimes from a faraway church

Float and lend their special touch

To whatever I dream of doing

For my lady beloved

Who at the moment

Must be sleeping peacefully

In a faraway distant land.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Saba: The Persian-Urdu name for the breeze of the spring season.

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I have to hand it to you...You
are one of the BEST writers, I
have ever read...This will be
some lucky lsdy, when you two
get together...lovely write...