Spring has arrived again:

Described by many as a season of hope,

love, happiness, laughter --

But I am as alone as I was before --

The year gone by and many more;

In between a hand clutched mine,

With promises of all that Spring heralds,

And offers:

That too whisked itself away,

To seek more than given;

So, I find little to amuse myself,

When I find the joys of the season,

Unfolding their charms and grace,

As if inviting me to forget the past,

Forget all that has happened,

Is it all so easy?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on the evening of April 7, 2005.

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iqbalar's picture

Mr. Navid, never mind. Season of hope,love, happiness and laughter you can enjoy to the utmost even if you are all alone. Let me quote here a verse from our chacha Ghalib:

Hai aadami bajaa-i-khud ik mahshar-i-khial
Ham anjuman samajhte hain khalwat hi kion na ho

So why don't you transform your solitude into a lovely 'get-together' of lofty imagination, sanguine hopes, beautiful memories, creative thoughts and spiritual elevation that needs no companionship.

Apne munn main doob kar pa ja suragh-i-zindagi
Too agar maira nahin banta na bunn apna to bun
You feel alone because you do not bother to see what all around is:

Khoal aankh zamin daikh, falak daikh, faza daikh
Mashriq se aubharte huaiy sooraj ko zara kaikh
Is jalwa-i-be parda ko ko pardon main chupa dikh
Ayyam-i-judai ke sitam daikh jifa daikh
betab no ho ma'arka-i-beem-o-raja daikh

Or please let allow to enter my poem in response to your bewildered thoughts:

Not Alone

There is no question of despair
Till for me there is someone dear
My pleasures and sorrows to share
I do not feel I am alone

Along with me travel all seasons
Dreams and thoughts are my companions
I have so many relations
I do not feel I am alone

The moon, the sun, the twinkling star
Are close to me, although so far
With the world I am on a par
I do not feel I am alone

If I have to play my own part
With my "self" peeping through my art
With the Omnipresent in my heart
I do not feel I am alone

So I hope next time when your turn up, you will say: I am not alone.