Another day of my life begins

As another leaves me forever

I have a life which more than me

Is a life which I must live for others.

Is there a problem with how I feel

Why is my sensitivity so keen and deep

Why do I manage to see through the souls

And find myself unable to relax and sleep?

At night I often sit under the sky

And ponder on God's plans for mankind

Spread infinitely is His great realm

But there is chaos too even in a dream.

Adam and Eve and their bliss filled life

Was ordained by the Lord of all worlds

He also knew that they had an enemy

In the shape of Satan and his progeny

He was also well aware of the forbidden tree

And even of man's weakness aware was He.

So why the free rein to devil and his creed

Why did He allow temptation, lust and greed

To work so powerfully on Eve's heart and mind

And to make even Adam not lag behind?

If to test man was God's own scheme

Why was the evil one given a free rein?

He who is a foe of all men and women

Why give him the secrets of earth and heaven?

He was granted his wish to live on till to the end

While we are to die and have but days to spend

A limited period of life on this earth

And answer for our deeds...is this our worth?

The one who defied Him and brought us down

Has been given respite to fool and to clown

To make a  mockery of us and lead us astray

And his legions too are growing day by day.

If mankind's foe is working against us

Why are we being tested and tried thus?

We commit sins not because we want to

But because evil ones entice us to do

And while God's divine guidance exists

Sin too has been made attractive to resist.

So what actually is this testing of me

When the devil is allowed to work against me?

Why is idolatory and heathenism still there

And why do evil and sin abound everywhere?

I am told by the prophets that I know not all

And only the Almighty can save us from a fall

But what surprises me is the constant tussle

Between good and bad, the holy and the evil.

Perhaps I must just keep quiet and look high

In the hope that some day my God will reply.

Silence is gold and I must keep silent

Till the time when before God I am present.

Maybe at that time I will be answered

Maybe, maybe, as the days get numbered.

I must taste of death and then what?

Do I win the battle against devil's lot?

For centuries this question has perplexed the wise

And often under the night sky I too surmise.

Nothing is certain is all that I can gleam

From what I see beyond what can be seen.

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heatherburns35's picture

once again you have composed a great poem...
enjoyed it very much.....

heatherburns35's picture

once again you have composed a great poem...
enjoyed it very much.....