Dark clouds hover as the tress of lush hair,

Waves with the breeze on your countenance fair,

The smile that captivates hearts tells me, in sooth,

"Truth is beauty, beauty truth" -- and quite rare.

O Madhubala, if we could meet somewhere in time,

Would I wish for anything more or would I pine,

Just to gaze and gaze at you with all else still.

My moments will make my remaining days sublime.

All praise to the Great Artist who made you,

One in thousands of years and ten;

Incomparable is His grand design,

O Madhubala, there is no one as fair as you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*MADHUBALA: Composed on 21.12.2002 as yet one more tribute to the beautiful Indian Hindi-Urdu silverscreen star called Madhubala (Real name: Mumtaz Jahan Dehelvi).

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iqbalar's picture

Your poem touches my heart. It nourishes my everlasting feeling for "beauty is truth, truth beauty" and reminds me once again of Keats:
"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever
Its leveliness increases; It will never
Pass into nothingness."
Thank you so much for sharing this lovely poem. I love to see, hear and read "Madhu" at any moment of my life just because she is so near and dear to me. Praise to Allah and His creations like Madhobala