Ah, the talks I too had, with old men,

About years spent, how and what and when,

But my beloved's wisdom said: "The present,

Is the gift that comes with God's Amen."

She, in her green and white dress,

Was more mature and wiser for her age,

Under the huge shady tree in our school,

She looked less a girl and more a sage.

I wonder if I can ever forget her,

Daphne, my schoolmate, my very first love,

For I can feel her presence even today,

Whether I am alone or with friends I know.

Some are envious of her and the love I feel,

Even now, in my wakeful hours, or night-time sleep,

I cannot shake her off from my mind,

For her love even time cannot steal.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on October 8-9, 2002, after the best evening of my life so far.

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