EMPTY (A collaboration with four poets)

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed starts poem:

Empty night

like my lonely heart

and the dark, empty bedroom

'Poeticpiers' replies:

Vacant space

is filled by sadness

she is gone

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed responds:

Eerie forms,

fill the void,

increasing my gloom  

Beki Lynn responds:

Despite intentions

to forget and move on -

memory lingers

'RedStormy' says:

Soul aches-

the sun refuses to shine

life is a blur

'Soulsease' also joins in:

Yet...each moment brings

a world of new beginnings...

time to face the dawn...

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed asks:

Dawn has come?

where, O friend?

Where is light?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Beki Lynn, Poeticpiers, RedStormy and Soulsease are fellow poets whose work can be read at http://www.haikuhut.net

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