So much mismanagement in this 'world' of greedy people

I cannot pray for more rain because of the sufferings

The poor and the homeless will have to endure

Especially those multitudes who have been forced to build

A shelter for themselves on the banks of rivers and canals

And near the dirty banks of gutter spillways

I find the summer heat unbearable and sleep under the sky

Hoping for something really good to happen

To my homeland for which so many lost so much

While struggling against the British Raj

And the more I pray the more I am blessed with a hope

That just like the rains that come down and quell the heat

And stop the long and unscheduled hours of power load-shedding

Some young men and women will also be waiting

For some honest and sincere leader, who will come

Like the rain and take to task all the self-serving minions

Eating Iftar* at parties in five-star hotels and press clubs.

And then, when such a leader comes from somewhere

Like an avalanche will he and his justice-based wrath descend

On the evil politicians and the fattened bureaucrat butlers

Who love to enjoy the spill of everything left by their masters

Like scavengers do in the absence of the roaring lion

Yes, my heart tells me that a lion is going to emerge very soon

And like what happened in China more than sixty years ago

The same situation will be seen in Pakistan, my dear homeland

So till that time I can only pray for God's mercy

Leaving it to Him to make the rains fall or the clouds go away.

The poor and the needy of this country are fed up of promises

Made by the ones begging to be voted to power

Yes, one day a storm of the public's fury is going to strike

At the power castles of these legions of the devil

That say so much and do nothing except

Saying a lot more to justify their wrong doings...

And then there will be so much rainfall that the bodies

Of these political hoodlums and bureaucrat barons

Will only need more to be washed away into the sea southwards.

God's justice is like his mercy

When it comes it does not leave any human scum remain

To spoil his beautiful places on planet earth...

Till then O Naveed! You must cope with the summer heat

And the electricity cuts throughout day and night...

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heatherburns35's picture

I've been watching all the flooding on tv...I pray for
all those poor people....This is a great write....
You have wisdom far beyond your years....I always read your postings, and enjoy all of them...peace......