In the stormy sea did our ship keep swaying,

For a day and two nights the waves kept rumbling,

We thought we would never see the shore,

But God Almighty did His mercy pour.


Struggling hard to survive my parents battled,

The odds and their efforts rattled,

The days changed and we grew up well,

Thanks to God and my father's mettle.


Whatever I am today I owe all to God,

And to my mother and father who prod,

Fought and won the battles of existence,

Brought up a family with their consistence.


The abilities of reading well and writing,

Are due to my mother's training,

She is the best person to me, my siblings,

For making us good and God-fearing.


Doing a job and taking care of us,

My mother proved life is no fuss,

Toiling together with my pa, she showed,

That God helps those who are bold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is purely for my mother and father who battled with life's opposing odds, fought hard, struggled bravely with their faith in God Almighty and made me and my siblings successful men and women. Truly, God helps those who help themselves.

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havent seen you around in a

havent seen you around in a while! Hope you are well. Good as always, currently in my own test of faith. Hope I can be a quarter the person your surely wonderful parents were.