Do we come to this world out of our will?

Do we depart from here out of our will?

They why does sadness runs in my blood,

Why do I have to turn to the doctor's pills?

I have been always alone but loved by some,

Which, in no way, lessens my gloom,

It is loneliness which has fallen in love,

With me, and spares me no room:

To laugh and cajole or to sing and dance,

Loneliness always robs me of my joys,

And I cannot sing except its tune.

O my Maker, You are my God,

I long to see you but just cannot,

I love when I am with you only,

Because that's when I am not lonely.

Your creation certifies your presence,

But I want to see you in Your resplendance. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on November 2, 2016, as the lines came down between work and spare time.

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