O, half-lit moon, see,

While on your silent journey,

Can you see my heart?

O, you silent stars,

You too watch me every night,

Can you gauge my grief?

O nightly autumn breeze,

You caress me soothingly,

Can you feel my loss?

Wasn't there a time,

When my beloved and I spent,

Shared feelings of love right here?

How much I loved her,

As she too loved me the same,

Two lovers in one bond.

What is destiny,

When it takes away our joys,

And leaves us to pine?

Just to make us long?

For bygone past to return?

Just to cause heartaches?

Alone I am now!

None but God Almighty knows,

Yet, He prefers His way.

My first love, my Daphne,

Who, I thought, was meant for me,

Left me... suddenly...

Years have passed but I,

Still love her with all my heart,

And wish she was here.

I want wings to fly,

Leave this world and reach Heaven,

Just to be with her.

O moon, stars and breeze,

My nights remain so sleepless,

Her love haunts me still.

Our chaste and pure love,

Was lofty, sublime and rare,

And even death has failed,

To snatch her from me,

Because as night grows,

She comes just for me.

Yes, she comes to me,

Invisible to others,

Seen only by me.

One day I will die,

And unite with her up there:

In God's Eden Garden.

Tilll then, I will try,

To ferry the boat of life,

Battling this life's storms.

God is the greatest,

And I know he will give back,

My own Daphne to me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on October 20, 2016, just for my unforgettable first and last love:Daphne John.

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