Autumn sets in quietly,

Trees have shed their greenery,

I am lost in thoughts.

Childhood and youth gone,

Middle age is a dimmed sun,

Winter winds knock doors.

I dontinue work,

Editing, writing: my job,

All for my family.

I drudge the routine,

Of the daily rut of life,

No friend, no beloved..

People do not talk,

Or take out time for their friends.

I recall that girl,

Who makes my sleep difficult,

I want her near me.

I  loved her so much,

But cancer took her away. 

As the tide rises,

And a full moon lilts the waves,

I long for Daphne.

How joyous a life,

Both of us could have cherished,

Yet fate intervened...

We loved each other,

Like no one else ever did,

Ah, my destiny!

There's nothing left now,

Exceot the sea and the sand,

And her memory.

If anyone succeeds,

To meet Daphne in Heaven,

Tell her I'm lonely.

One and all want me,

But the heartache of my love,



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on 19th October, 2016, as my first and everlasting love, Daphne John, haunts me with her memory.

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