The days and nights kept passing,

Seasons came and left,

My heart yearned for all my friends,

And my woman's love.


The Bard in his famous play:

"The Merchant of Venice";

Knew not: "Why he was so sad,

"It wearies me", he sighed.


John Keats loved his Fanny Brawn, 

But despite his efforts,

To make her his own just failed,

Love was not for Keats.


Lonely Emily Bronte,

Out on Yorkshire moors,

Was in search of her "Heathcliff",

In her heart's "Wuthering Heights".


Tennyson pined for love,

In his "Break, Break, Break..."

But the sea silenced him,

And the sand scattered his call.


Poe in his "Annabel Lee",

Made her monument,

Hoping to have her forever,

Ah, even he failed.


Wordsworth missed his "Lucy Gray",

In his pensive mood,

His "Daffodils" did give him joy,

Yet he missed Lucy.


Charles Lamb for all his life,

Longed for his beloved,

His "Old Familiar Faces";

Speaks of his lady's grace.


 So many stories of love,

And of true friendship,

I have read over the years,

Till I too was loved.


Yet, like all the tales I read,

Even I didn't succeed,

My heart and my being bled,

She's far, far indeed.


I too was one of those souls,

Left lonely, alone,

Not a friend near me I had,

Nor the one I loved.


Then God, the most merciful,

Most loving and kind,

Lifted me from my sorrow,

And rescued me from despair.


In my heart He shone His light,

And the gloom was gone,

With His compassion divine,

He chose me... as His.


He revealed how all worldly loves,

Vanish with the dead,

How youth and its beauty fade,

How vows are man-made.


Now, I am never alone,

Now, I am not sad,

For, God is always with me,

I'm one... with The One.


Earthly love is transient,

And grief its reward,

While the truest lasting love,

Is the love of God.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One more of my spiritual poems with a mystical fervour written about my newly blessed love for God Almighty. I am thankful and grateful to my most loving Creator, the Lord of all worlds, for inspiring this poem in me. All praise belongs to Him and Him only.

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shazi's picture

I chose the right title for you

Dear Naveed, what a lovely poem, full of depth and reflects the command you have over the English Poetry, well done. The way you transformed the romantic poem to the LOVE of GOD ALMIGHTY and HIS Eternal Love is something to be proud of. I chose the right label for you THE SUFI POET of the 21st century.

KindredSpirit's picture

This is really good

You must be a professional

I am a back yard poet

That don't know the poets